I was going through following example in Solidity and came across this contract and I am confused if its a datatype like uint string as it is mentioned in comments as contract type what contract types are and why they are not recommended to create contracts

contract OwnedToken {
// TokenCreator is a contract type that is defined below.
// It is fine to reference it as long as it is not used
// to create a new contract.
TokenCreator creator;
address owner;
bytes32 name;

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There is no special meaning to the name "TokenCreator", that is simply the name of a contract in that example code. In that code you will see there are two contracts defined, OwnedToken and TokenCreator.

The usage of the code TokenCreator creator; is creating a variable named "creator" which is of type "TokenCreator" which is the name of a contract defined in the code.

This variable can then be used to call the methods of the instantiated TokenCreator contract.

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