Virus detection just picked up a threat, called Mirror-4130 in ~/Library/Ethereum/geth/chaindata/6902332.ldb

Has anyone else seen this, and/or can explain a bit how the chaindata directory works? Particularly why I may be getting a virus warning

Possibly related, Mist has been having an impossible time catching up on blocks. Is it possible chaindata was corrupted somehow?

Sophos threat warning Mirror-4130 Ethereum Geth


If you look at the threat you've linked to, it's a "DOS Executable Virus" from 1994. It is highly likely this is of no harm to a modern system and is likely a false positive from Sophos.

Geth chaindata is stored as a sequence of LevelDB databases (see the .ldb extension). If a byte sequence in the database matches a signature (binary pattern or fingerprint) used by Sophos's antivirus heuristics, Sophos will not be able to tell the difference.

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