mapping(uint256 => address) public userList;

function getUserCount() public constant returns(uint userCount) {
 return userList.length;

function newUser(address _address) internal returns(bool success) {
    return true;

function getUser(uint256 _userId) public constant returns(address){

throws error "member length can not be found" - can somebody explain to me why this doesn't work? i've looked at the storage patterns list and saw that they would add an additional array to have a user count - i was really trying to avoid that so that on high demand two users would not get the same id, by setting their id to length - was just planning to push the new users without setting an id manually


In the code above userList is not an array, it is a mapping. Mapping's do not have a length property because we can't know what the size of a mapping is.

If you convert mapping(uint256 => address) public userList; to address[] public userList; then it should work as expected.

Also, regarding your last point. It's fine for you to use userList.length to determine a user's ID, even if two users are added in the same block/at the same time, as the transactions are processed sequentially, so they will still get different ID's.

  • okay, i think i'm not really getting the concept of arrays in solidity quite yet how would i declare mapping(address => mapping (uint256 => EntityStruct)) as a proper array? Jan 30 '18 at 16:07
  • 1
    Mappings and Arrays are fundamentally different data structures. I'm pretty sure you can't represent that Mapping within a Mapping, with those types, as an Array. However, you could represent mapping(uint256 => mapping (uint256 => EntityStruct)) as an Array with EntityStruct[][].
    – willjgriff
    Jan 30 '18 at 16:23

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