Is there a build-in function in solidity allows to specify a letter in a string at given position like a = string b[i], where i indicates the position of that letter?


Strings aren't currently index-accessible.

From the Solidity docs:

Variables of type bytes and string are special arrays. A bytes is similar to byte[], but it is packed tightly in calldata. string is equal to bytes but does not allow length or index access (for now).

So use bytes instead, though note:

If you want to access the byte-representation of a string s, use bytes(s).length / bytes(s)[7] = ‘x’;. Keep in mind that you are accessing the low-level bytes of the utf-8 representation, and not the individual characters!

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    is there any update on the matter by now? – Senju Aug 4 '19 at 19:12

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