I have a crowdsale that creates a token. The crowdsale shows up on Etherscan and can also be used on MyEtherWallet. I read the token address which gets created by the crowdsale constructor via MEW but it is not visible on Etherscanand does also not show any values when interfacing via MEW. I was quite sure that I did not make a mistake here, so I checked in my browser console using Metamask:

> function cb(e,r){console.log(e,r);}
> web3.eth.getCode('0xad819c06a0ee792a9f16cbc5b4acb33fc4a7e4b5', cb) // shows code so it worked!

also trying to read some properties works well:

> let tokn = web3.eth.contract(tokenAbi).at(tokenAddress)
> function cb(e,r){console.log(e,r);}
> tokn.owner(cb)
null "0xf45772f7f459209e398193c80c453807255361e0"

Is this a bug in MyEtherWallet and Etherscan?

(also posted on https://github.com/MyEtherWallet/MyEtherWallet/issues/926)


I got the token address via MEW: Use the contract address of the crowdsale 0xf45772F7f459209E398193C80C453807255361e0 and this snippet is all we need as ABI:


Then in MEW go on the "Contract" tab, paste address and ABI given above. Reading the only function token returns the token address 0xad819c06a0ee792a9f16cbc5b4acb33fc4a7e4b5.

  • It appears to be a bug in etherscan, you should try to report it so they fix it. – Ismael Jan 27 '18 at 21:29
  • I did report it. By now I can read values in MEW so that is not an issue anymore. – Validity Labs - Sebastian Jan 28 '18 at 10:18

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