I've installed Geth on win 10 and I'm trying to link solc but I'm not sure why the backslashes are being removed? How can I get past this error?

> admin.setSolc("C:\Program Files\Ethereum\solc")
exec: "C:Program FilesEthereumsolc": file does not exist
    at InvalidResponse (<anonymous>:-81662:-48)
    at send (<anonymous>:-156322:-48)
    at setSolc (<anonymous>:-133322:-48)
    at <anonymous>:1:1



Add two blackslashes where you have one. This is because the \ character is an escape character.

The following output shows how the \ is treated:

> console.log("C:\\Program Files\\Ethereum\\solc")
C:\Program Files\Ethereum\solc

If the above does not work, try adding .exe at the end of the solc filename and confirm that your solc.exe is located at C:\Program Files\Ethereum\solc.exe.

EDIT 15/06/2016 suggested by @jeff balough


admin.setSolc("C:\\Ethereum 0.9.41\\Release\\solc.exe") 



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