I've searched quite a bit not been able to find any examples using domain names or indeed any reason why it can't be used.

e.g. to start a node with bootnodes, the format is as below using ip addresses

geth --bootnodes enode://pubkey1@ip1:port1

I'm interested because for a private network I'm looking to build static IP addresses aren't really an option.

Is it possible to do:

geth --bootnodes enode://pubkey1@mydomain.com:port1

This would allow dynamic IPs for nodes.

Is this a security risk?

Many thanks

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    Might make yourself open to a denial of service attack if someone attacks DNS (either by making the DNS entry unavailable or changing the reported IP).
    – lungj
    Jan 25 '18 at 18:58
  • Not necessarily. The DNS name may be resolved by your trusted DNS servers on your internal network. I think this feature would really be helpful when deployed with modern orchestration frameworks (e.g. with Docker stack).
    – knaperek
    Mar 14 '19 at 14:12

referring to the official doc, no it is not possible to use DNS domain names in enode URL:

The hostname can only be given as an IP address, DNS domain names are not allowed


I don't know why it's not supported though

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    Thanks - I have never seen that wiki despite searching! Would love to know why though... Jan 27 '18 at 9:50

There is an update to this and DNS names are being accepted to add peeers from geth version of 1.9.3.


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