Hi guys, i need help!

Trying to make a func that converts string-presented float with 2 dec to uint * 00

etc. if _s = "970452.22" result must be "97045222"

but i do something wrong (when i try to execute it tells me "gas limit exceed 3000000")

contract testfunction {

    string public converted;

    function stringFloatToUnsigned(string _s) payable {
        bytes memory _new_s;
        uint k = 0;

        for (uint i = 0; i < bytes(_s).length; i++) {
            if (bytes(_s)[i] == '.') { continue; }

            _new_s[k] = bytes(_s)[i];

        converted = string(_new_s);

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You need to create the _new_s bytes array. Eg something like

uint stringLength = bytes(_s).length;
bytes memory _new_s = new bytes(stringLength);

Then it seems to work for me.

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