I am trying to retrieve the price of four contracts all using the same ABI. I have made the array 'Contract' so I can loop through them and apply the same method of "Price":

var Contract = [];


Then I made a loop to fetch the results through Web3.js:

Contract.forEach(function(Price) {

However, this just gives me the results of the original array.

I have used this function to retrieve successfully the price when there is no array involved:

Contract.Price(function(error, result) {
     console.log("Price " + result / 1000000000000000000 + " Ether");

If I can retrieve the results, I will then make a new array for the values returned, and append the data-* fields in the HTML. With this you can then sort the appended divs with the data-* tag values.

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You're pushing contracts into an array, but then you're just printing them out instead of calling a method on them. Try this:

var contracts = [];


contracts.forEach(function (contract) {
    contract.Price(function (error, result) {
        console.log("Price " + result / 10**18 + " ether");
  • This is works, wow. I spent about 8 hours trying to figure that out. I guess the call and response syntax confused me. The good news is I learned the new ways of doing loops in ES 5 and on. I'm curious about the use of 10**18, while it is more convenient and easy to read, won't this cost more CPU cycles? I wrote the long form as it is just basic division. Commented Jan 23, 2018 at 16:54
  • 1
    Something like web3.fromWei(result, 'ether').toString() would be even better. Yes, both take a few more CPU cycles, but that's right after doing a network call. An extremely premature optimization. :-)
    – user19510
    Commented Jan 23, 2018 at 17:00

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