I am running geth on windows machine and try for geth attach in mac. I give below error:

Fatal: Failed to start the JavaScript console: api modules: Post context deadline exceeded

Both machine in local network i.e sharing same network.

But when i running geth on mac and try for geth attach in windows it works. Please give your input regards this issue.

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    Windows machine 8545 is not open i had open that port try geth attach in mac, it working fine Jan 21, 2018 at 16:47

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if I am not mistaken, on Mac as well as linux, you need to specify the IPC/RPC endpoint when asking to attach. On your mac node, try;

geth attach ipc:/path/to/endpoint.ipc

You will see this path when you start your network on your other node (geth --datadir...) bottom right the path should appear.

  1. Make sure your geth running on Windows really listens to HTTP connections on public interface. For this you need to pass the following options to geth: --rpc --rpcaddr
  2. Make sure geth allows access over HTTP to APIs you need. If you need eth and personal APIs, pass the following options to geth: --rpcapi eth,personal
  3. Make sure firewall on Windows permits connections from Mac to port 8545 of your Windows machine
  4. And finally try to connect from Mac to Windows using geth attach, assuming that is an IP address of your Windows machine

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