Here is some random contract: 0x8055d0504666e2B6942BeB8D6014c964658Ca591

Pretend that the ABI was not uploaded on etherscan.io.

I want to run the function supportsInterface(bytes4) with data 0xa9059cbb on that contract.

How do I do this with geth?


Probably the easiest way is just to make your own ABI and then call it like you typically would. Here's an ABI for just this function:

        "constant": true,
        "inputs": [
                "name": "",
                "type": "bytes4"
        "name": "supportsInterface",
        "outputs": [
                "name": "",
                "type": "bool"
        "payable": false,
        "stateMutability": "pure",
        "type": "function"

I made some assumptions:

  1. The function is pure (doesn't read from or write to storage).
  2. The function returns a boolean.

You can easily hand-write ABI by looking at examples, but I made this one by just compiling the following contract in Remix:

pragma solidity ^0.4.19;

contract Foo {
    function supportsInterface(bytes4) pure public returns (bool);


You can also construct the call data yourself... it should be the keccak256 hash of the function signature ("supportsInterface(bytes4)") followed by a 32-byte (left-padded) version of the data (0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000a9059cbb). But it's easier to just use the ABI. :-)

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