Using truffle and truffle test I have the below test code:

  function testBuyItem() public {
    uint8 expected = 2;
    bytes32 expectedName = "Item";

    Assert.equal(uint(8), uint(7), "Should fail");

    contract.buy.value(1 ether)(expected);
    var (typeId, name, condition) = contract.getUserItem(1);

    Assert.equal(expectedName, name, "Should be Item");

It doesn't fail, even if I have a failing test ABOVE the contract.buy.value(1 ether)(expected) line. If I comment out the contract.buy... line it fails as expected. The code for buy has a payable modifier than checks the value of msg.value with require.

  • Sometimes truffle can fail to recompile contracts, try deleting build/ directory and recompile everything.
    – Ismael
    Jan 21, 2018 at 7:37


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