I want develop a contract that can be interacted from outside with a considerably complex argument(like a string of struct), but the Ethereum seems that the contracts can only be communicated with functions using simple arguments like type uint, string, bytes, how can I manage it? I mean if I want to develop a function with arguments of a string of struct of unspecified length, how can I manage it?

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Currently Solidity does not allow you to pass complex types as function arguments into or out of a smart contract. So currently you neither do

function setMyStruct (myStruct ms) { ... }

nor can you do

function getMyStruct constant returns (myStruct ms) { ... }

On work-around is to pass the elements of the struct one by one into the setter and return them one by one from the getter as in

contract testStruct {
    struct myStr {
        int a;
        string b;
    myStr storedStr;

    function setMyStr(int a, string b) {
        storedStr.a = a;
        storedStr.b = b;

    function getMyStr() constant returns (int a, string b) {
        a = storedStr.a;
        b = storedStr.b;

Check also the following links to follow up on that:

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