I am using web3 verion 1 (beta) connected to a remote Parity node via websocket.

There is a deployed contract TestContract with a test function that emits a Tested event that simply echoes back msg.sender.

contract TestContract {
    event Tested(address sender);

    function test() {
      require(msg.sender != 0x0);

The following code

const contract = new web3.eth.Contract(testContactAbi, theAddress)
const gasNeeded = await contract.methods.test().estimateGas({ from: SENDER_ADDRESS })
console.log('gasNeeded', gasNeeded)

throws Transaction execution error

I am sure I have a connection to the node

const listening = await web3.eth.net.isListening()

listening is true

How would I debug this?


Worked out the issue. I'd forgotten to export the SENDER_ADDRESS from my constants.js file. Sigh. Now the address is not undefined it works. My bad.

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