I am reading that many people who are having problems with Mist gobbling up hard drive space (in my case 135 GB - I'm serious - there should be a 5 inch read warning when you download MIST about this - and of course it nearly killed my 251 GB hard drive) that they should use "geth removedb" to fix this. Unfortunately no one ever explains where or how to download this tool OR how to use it. Is there a support site?

  • Which OS do you use? Jan 16 '18 at 19:32

You can delete the chaindata folder, which should be located somewhere here:

Windows %APPDATA%\Mist

or here:

Windows %APPDATA%\Ethereum

OR using the geth, download and install it here and run:

geth removedb

IMPORTANT: Don't delete keystore folder. Back up your keystore file.

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