I have a Nvidai GTX 1080ti overclocked and I have a dedicated gpu memory of 11GB and when I see the meter or check the usage of the graphic card while mining using claymore it is around 32MH/S and it is using upto 75% of vram and the dedicated GPU memory usage is around 3GB. It is not using 11GB.

So, my question here is when I used GUI Miner for bitcoin it was running at 1.7 GH/S and claymore is running at 32MH/s is this correct or I have done anything wrong? and I am getting a constant 10% stale shares, so, do I have to keep my GPU overclocked or under clocked or keep as is?


Ethereum uses EthHash algorithm and Bitcoin uses double SHA256 algorithm as proof of work.

You cannot compare them because those algorithms have a very different design. EthHash was designed to be ASIC resistant and because of that it is memory hard.

EthHash uses a large data set to work. It is called the DAG, it should grown with time and currently is around 3Gb. I guess the algorithm used by the miner to calculate ethhash doesn't need much more memory, and likely will not need the full 12 GBytes from your card.

  • Thank you very much for your reply @Ismael, can I ask you one more thing, if it is not using my 100% of my card then am I going to get rewarded less or equally?, because the mh/s matters the most in mining right. So, I am getting less than what my card can do. – GRK Jan 16 '18 at 15:51
  • Usually you get rewards for the solutions founds, it doesn't matter GPU, memory, or bandwidth usage. – Ismael Jan 16 '18 at 16:36

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