owner = msg.sender();

It gives me 2 errors

Type tuple() is not implicitly convertible to expected type address


Type is not callable

I'm just trying to do a simple ERC20

Compile with

        owner = msg.sender;

But I think I want to use the ().

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    Have you declared address owner anywhere??? – goodvibration Jan 15 '18 at 15:46
  • Why do you want to use the ()? Does it make you so happy? :-) – Jesbus Jan 15 '18 at 16:50
  • I did address public owner; in the contract ownable. I don't know lol I am following a tutorial and the guy used () and it compiled... – Ilan Jan 15 '18 at 22:29

owner = msg.sender; is right. msg.sender isn't a function, so you shouldn't try to call it.

  • Oh ok because in the tutorial I am following he is using () and it compiles... Or maybe he deleted the () and cutted the video and assumed we got it right... – Ilan Jan 15 '18 at 22:30

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