I would like to build Dapps on top of Ethereum and have a lot of ideas but the Solidity language is a bit difficult (at least to me). Is there a Windows library or a portable command line tool that allows developers to make use of Ethereum in an easier way? I looked around but wasn't able to find anything.


(correct me if I'm wrong)

Even if there will be some library which will write contracts for you in Solidity I would not expect it to be easier. If there is such library in order for it to make Solidity easier it would have to cut the functionality. But the functionality of Solidity is the beauty of this language. You can be very specific and build very secure apps using it. That's why I am skeptical about is there such library.

You can still ease your development by using frameworks like Truffle. They will not resolve your problem with Solidity, but they will make development much easier in many other ways.

Hope it will help.


If you don't like Solidity you could checkout Vyper https://github.com/ethereum/vyper a Pythonic language that for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Other than that there are no ways to chat with the EVM that are usable at this point in time.

If you do become interested in Solidity, since is it the most commonly used language with the best documentation I'd suggest getting started by building out some initial contracts and testing them on: https://remix.ethereum.org


Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts are based on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), and solidity is a compiled language, from which you compile a program written in solidity language into machine code to run in the EVM. There are already some other languages with the same purpose, and in the future there will be some others too, to solve domain-specific tasks and problems easier. Others already mentioned vyper, and there are some others also. And you can also code directly in the EVM's machine code. Which will be more safe, useful and easier, it is question of the language, the problem you want to solve, and personal taste. The final code is always a machine code which runs in the EVM.

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