I invested in the Envion ICO today. After the ETH transaction to them was confirmed the tokens showed up in MEW but as "ENV" instead of "EVN". What i found env is something completely different, envions smart contract does state "EVN"

Also, no ENV/EVN show up in ethplorer.io in my wallet (but other tokens do). Is this an issue because the ICO has not ended yet or what can this whole mess be?

Many thanks


Looks like there might be a typo in MyEtherWallet's token definitions, which is why it's showing as ENV.

In tokens-eth--small.json

"symbol"      : "ENV",
"address"     : " 0xd780Ae2Bf04cD96E577D3D014762f831d97129d0",
"decimals"    : 18,
"name"        : "Envion AG"

And tokens-eth.json:

"symbol"      : "ENV",
"address"     : "0xd780Ae2Bf04cD96E577D3D014762f831d97129d0",
"decimals"    : "18",
"name"        : "Envion AG",
"ens_address" : "",
"website"     : "https://envion.org",
"logo": {
  "src"       : "",
  "width"     : "",
  "height"    : "",
  "ipfs_hash" : ""

The address that MEW is using to find the contract is correct though, so it's just a UI issue. [Contract is here (EtherScan link).]

Edit: Opened issue #357 to get it fixed.

Edit#2: For your second query, you could try checking the balance of your address on EtherScan's token portal (in the "Search/Filter By" box).

  • Thanks so much Richard for this excellent answer. Found it via your hint with the token portal and it really seems to just be an UI issue. – Nico Müller Jan 13 '18 at 19:37
  • I commited the changes, waiting for the pull request to go through. Thanks again. – Nico Müller Jan 14 '18 at 0:44
  • Brilliant - glad we got it sorted so speedily :-) – Richard Horrocks Jan 14 '18 at 19:54

I have the same issue. I wrote to them. They wrote back. Anybody who paid in BTC or credit card will be emailed soon on how they can transfer their tokens to their ether wallets. ETH buyers can do it immediately. Nevertheless, your ENV balance should reflect in your Envoin login. That's gurantee enough. Cheers!

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