I'm starting to use Embark framework and at some point, when I try to run an Ethereum node with the following command:

geth --datadir="/tmp/embark" --logfile="/tmp/embark.log"   \
  --port 30303 --rpc --rpcport 8101 --rpcaddr localhost    \
  --networkid 75725 --rpccorsdomain "*" --minerthreads "1" \
  --genesis="config/genesis/dev_genesis.json"              \
  --rpcapi "eth,web3" --maxpeers 4                         \
  --password config/password account list

an error is generated saying Incorrect usage.

This command is generated by the Embark framework.

I don't understand what is triggering the error... I'm following these insructions: https://github.com/iurimatias/embark-framework/blob/1.0.2/README.md

Geth version - 1.5.0-unstable

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Downgrading geth back to the stable version instead of using the dev version fixed the issue.


--logfile, when this option was available, did not take a parameter. The log file was placed in the data directory. And it was removed.

See geth, what happened to --logfile? .

Regarding your --genesis is deprecated message, see geth init, what are the arguments?.

You are using the Dev version of geth. You could try using the non-dev (stable) version version of geth. Here is a link to remove the -dev repository and install the stable version of geth - https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/4a37m9/is_it_a_problem_that_dwarfpool_with_48_of_the/d0x1tql.compact .

  • In fact, when I remove the --logfile option another error is raised: --genesis is deprecated. Switch to use '/path/to/file'. It seems to me that embark is not updated (even if I have the latest version installed) and it doesn't follow geth modifications, but I don't find any info about embark being discontinued... Do you think that could be the problem?
    – amp
    May 4, 2016 at 20:45

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