I'm trying to make a smart contract and have a function executed on state change. In my example below, this function is finish. It must run automatically when the state changes to end. Is this possible with Solidity?

pragma solidity ^0.4.16;

contract SmartContract {
  address owner;
  string state;
  string status;
  function SmartContract() public {
    status = 'Pending';
    owner = msg.sender;

  event update(string _msg, string _state);

  function getState() public constant returns(string) {
    return state;

  function getStatus() public constant returns(string) {
    return status;

  function setState(string _state) public returns(string) {
    state = _state;
    return state;

  function finish() public {
    if (keccak256(state) == keccak256("end")) {
        status = 'Completed';
        update("Completed", state);

  function () public payable {

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    Can't you just add if(_state=="end") {finish();}?
    – StanislavL
    Jan 10, 2018 at 14:09

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I am quite sure it isn´t possible to use a smart contract like a cron. I will investigate more and return here if I find more about it.

But for now, you may create a job/service that could watch your update event (https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/JavaScript-API#web3ethfilter) and then execute a transaction calling finish().

Or you can add an if check inside setState. If state == "end", execute finish().

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