i'm working on to the morden testnet and using a nodejs application i wrote (using ethereumjs-util, ethereumjs-tx) i'm trying to push a raw tx on to the testnet.

I've tested GETH "eth.sendRawTransaction" without success, it keeps saying there is no balance or no account installed, even if i'm pushing a raw tx.. there is no point on checking the presence of balance or wallet/account, anyway i installed eth.

I've got an ethereum node backed by "eth", currently synced. I'm using Geth and ethconsole to interface to the eth process via ipc/rpc.

I'm using my NodeJS app just to sign the TX, than i manually push the raw tx using geth or ethconsole, but the TX is not sent.

> eth.sendRawTransaction('f87a831001888504a817c800830493e09454a25919a915bbaeb58a96679428f80d733af89392313030303030303030303030303030303030801ca0ecd622603d87d290b7440a8a03413d865dd67783e90cde0ef33d3f5752888ffda031adeee357777c7c39f3edb8920c91aec0cced05ad429d8aa4be627604bd820b');

> "0x42fbb8e551be1aaefd6d768d7798467d7978e3d06e0dd3db20f88e5b14387328"

> eth.getTransaction("0x42fbb8e551be1aaefd6d768d7798467d7978e3d06e0dd3db20f88e5b14387328")

> null

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I believe you need to use canonical hex representation:


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