I've tried 2 ways to deposit Eth on Etherdelta site and both failed. What am I doing wrong?

Way #1 - Moved Eth to my Metamask. I can see the amount on Etherdelta under wallet. I click deposit to move from Metamask to Etherdelta. I get a popup saying sent with a link to check progress. Click link and it says transaction can't be found. (it does say if just submitted wait 30 seconds but I've waited hours). My money still just shows on the Metamask and wallet area.

Way #2 - I disabled Metamask this morning, also switched out of Chrome to Firefox. I moved more Eth from my Gdax to the Etherdelta wallet on site. Again this money now shows in my wallet. Click deposit to move from wallet to site itself and I get the same popup saying sent but then saying transaction can't be found. This was about 2 hours ago. My money still just shows on the wallet.

What am I doing wrong?? Thanks.


What did you choose as gas price? The "recommended" 4 Gwei must have been too low for the Ethereum network's traffic at the time. Try using Gas Price SafeLow from ethgasstation.info before you do any Ethereum transactions.

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