I've just tried the base program and mist for windows. and wanted to know if there is an "official" sort of app for android. i do not like trusting 3rd parties.

I could try the most popular open source. but core is better.

btw. I tried to google this but those are some hard keywords to find. sorry if this is a duplicate. although it might be good for new people like me.

Whats the most trustworthy way to get etc? coinbase ask all of my data... like that is going to work

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    No, there's no official Android app associated with Ethereum.
    – user19510
    Jan 9, 2018 at 7:53

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Status is aiming to become the first native mobile dapp browser, however, I believe they are still in beta at the moment.

You can download nightlies here: http://artifacts.status.im:8081/artifactory/nightlies-local/


There are no official android apps which support dapps. But there are quite a few apps that run dapps pretty good.

and of course Status which is almost up for mainnet.

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