Long story short, tried to send ETH over to Huobi from GDAX. Did this last week with no problems. Transaction did not go through this time around. I was pissed. Went back and looked at Huobi deposit page and they now have a notice when you try to deposit ETH that if it comes from a Coinbase account it won't be credited. WTH?

Emailed Huobi. They asked me to provide my hash value and quantity. I assume they mean quantity of ETH when they asked for quantity. But how do I find my hash value (and what is a hash value) on the transfer? All I get from GDAX is their internal number identifying the transfer.



You should check the history of the address Huobi gave you for deposit on Etherscan. If it doesn't show up there, check with Coinbase/GDAX staff.

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