I'm using Metamask with MEW. I sent 1.14 ETC to the address. I also sent some ETH for gas to the same address as seen below.

Gastracker info

But when I go to MetaMask Chrome Ext, it only shows ETH. When I go to MEW to send ETC, I see the ETC in the same address, as seen below


It all goes well on MEW's end, as seen below

Mew info to send ETC

After I hit the "make transaction" button, MetaMask window pops up as seen below

MetaMask thinks I'm Trying to send ETH

And it reads "insufficient balance for transaction" because going back to the beginning of the post, Metamask wallet thinks I'm trying to send 1.14 ETH??? I don't know what to do at this point. Any help is desperately needed. Thank you

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Ok. I figured it out. Here's a "how to" in case someone else is in my shoes... Go to Metamask and enter your password

enter image description here

Click on the 3 dots. Choose export private key.

enter image description here

You can click on it and it automatically copies it and/or you can also download the private key for backup purposes.

enter image description here

Go to Myetherwallet.com and click on send ether and tokens enter image description here

Choose Private key and paste the key you copied from MetaMask.

enter image description here

Unlock your wallet

enter image description here

Now you should be able to see your balance in the wallet. Since we're trying to send ETC, make sure you have the ETC network selected.

enter image description here

The rest is the usual procedure to send currencies... I believe the problem is you can't choose the correct network in MetaMask wallet.

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