I am trying to deploy a contract with web3, and always get an error Error: exceeds block gas limit, even for correct or empty contract code.

Actually, gasEstimates always throws : Error: gas required exceeds allowance or always failing transaction

Even for an empty contract, the gas estimate is infinite :

var compiledContract = solc.compile("pragma solidity 0.4.17; contract Contract { }"); var abi = compiledContract.contracts[':Contract'].interface; var abiArray = JSON.parse(abi); var bytecode = compiledContract.contracts[':Contract'].bytecode; var gasEstimate=web3.eth.estimateGas({from : web3.eth.coinbase, data : web3.toHex(bytecode)}); throws "exceeds allowance".

Please do you know where I can be wrong ?

Thank you, Pierre.


In fact I did two errors, here there are in case it can help someone:

  1. To the data field passed to estimateGas must be data : '0x'+bytecode and not data : web3.toHex(bytecode).

  2. When deploying the contract I had put too much gas, check the current block gasLimit field.

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