I have a function that returns multiple values

function getInfo(string id) returns(string x,string y){ bytes32 _id= strToBytes(id);
    return (infostruct[_id].x,infostruct[_id].y) ; }

Now i want to test this function using solidity test in truffle

function testBaseContract(){
 BaseContract basecontract= BaseContract(DeployedAddresses.BaseContract());

        var (x,y) = basecontract.getInfo("1");
        Assert.equal(x,"198/180","this id data is not accessible to you or doesn't exist at all.");

i don't know how to access multiple return values in solidity, this was my best guess and I am getting the error

TypeError: Member "equal" is not available in type(library Assert) outside of storage.
  • The problems appear to be with the function returning strings not with it being a tuple. It work when you use bytes32 instead.
    – Ismael
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 5:45

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Basically the result it gives you back is truffle, you can either use explode to compare the result with expected in terms or object/array. But you access the result like the following -

            // data returns a tuple  
            var rowdata = data.toString().split(',')

            // you can access the values through array rowdata[0]
            // do the comparison

  • this is how one can do in JavaScript, how do I do this in Solidity Commented Jan 4, 2018 at 5:49

Change this:

var (x,y) = basecontract.getInfo("1");

To this:

var [x,y] = await basecontract.getInfo("1");

Doing this puts the return values in the response array. var repsonse = await basecontract.getInfo("1");

Now you can read the items as array elements like response[0] and response[1].

It worked for me.

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