I read some version of the CryptoKitties source code on https://github.com/axiomzen/cryptokitties-bounty

How do I use information only on https://cryptokitties.co, and preferably inside MetaMask, to determine the actual address of the deployed KittyCore contract.

To be clear, some blogger has told be that this is what I am looking for: https://etherscan.io/address/0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d#code However anybody could have deployed that. I am looking to determine which one is actually running behind https://cryptokitties.co.

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If you've actually interacted with their DApp, yet. You can look up your ETH address & look at your transaction history or look up the transaction hash via etherscan.io. This will lead you to the "correct" CryptoKittiesCore deployed smart contract.

Which I've checked with ETH address & transactions, and it matches the URL you provided.


Before you accept and submit a transaction via MetaMask, you can copy the destination address and look that up via etherscan.io to verify the destination.

Attempting to buy a kitty leads to this address: CryptoKittiesSalesAuction https://etherscan.io/address/0xb1690C08E213a35Ed9bAb7B318DE14420FB57d8C

EDIT: To further verify that CryptoKittiesCore is indeed that address you listed, we both have verified where the funds get sent to: CryptoKittiesSalesAuction.


Go to Read Smart Contract and look down at line item 9:

9.  nonFungibleContract    0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d address

This proves what you've asked.


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