According to the EVM Gas Cost Yellow Paper (can be found here):

  • The cost of % is 5
  • The cost of & is 3

When x is a power of 2, the expression a % x is equivalent to a & (x - 1).

If x is a constant variable, then this replacement can take place during compilation.

Can I trust the Solidity compiler to do this when optimization is enabled?

I am currently using solcjs, but the same question goes for truffle, Remix IDE, etc.

Thank you!!!


From a quick test on Remix, it looks like enabling optimization does not get rid of the MOD opcode in the following code, so I believe the answer is "No, you cannot trust solc to perform this optimization."

contract Test {
    function test(uint256 x) public pure returns (uint256) {
        return x % 4;

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