I have big problem with my Gigabyte radeon rx580 gaming 4GB when I getting on stock settings only 17mhs and when I try all settings, drivers… same like on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCSuON1fvZ0 I got only 22mhs, I am running on windows 7, can it have different with windows 10 ? My hardware is Motherboard - Asus prime H270-PLUS RAM - DDR4 4gb 2 400 MHz GPU - Gigabyte radeon rx580 gaming 4GB

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Not a true answer but more confirmation, I also have the aorus rx580 and get 18mh/s using claymore on windows 7. Also the aorus engine just crashes the whole computer on launch. Fixed that by renaming mbled. Exe and the gvledservice.Exe. So as a fix for the fan, I had to use msi afterburner. These cards are definitely a scenario where you get what you pay for. Just wish there were other models in stock!

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