What is the difference between these two?



both of them are giving me the same result on remix. Why?

So is this:



Am I missing something. Is there security consideration in using one of these?

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Those are not "two methods". When you do address(_instance) or address(this) what you are doing is casting the _instance/this object into the type address.

Casting means taking an object of a certain data type and converting it into another data type.

For example, if you had a uint8 number and you wanted to do a power operation with it, given that uint8 would not have the capacity to hold a very large number, you would first cast it into a bigger int like this: uint256(number)

In your example above, you are taking a contract object and casting it into an address, which basically gives you the address of the contract.

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    So both of them are the same and there is nothing to be bothered about? Commented Dec 29, 2017 at 12:36

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