The following transaction failed but I still lost ether also fee was charged

trx :0xa4620f966b385c68eabb19e94e286bd21c934c7b194de6d60faba3a4ea3e680e

Thanks Bravocc

  • if the tx fails (which that one did), then the transaction is reverted. the only ether you lost from that tx was the fee.
    – natewelch_
    Dec 29 '17 at 21:29

You can check the status here https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa4620f966b385c68eabb19e94e286bd21c934c7b194de6d60faba3a4ea3e680e

It seems your transction was executed but an exception led to the transaction failing. Gas price is not refunded in case of failed transactions (0.001 Ether was applied). You should not loose any of transaction ether though.


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