I am building a blockchain application that allows investors purchase ICOs using ETH on the Stellar network. I use Bifrost to connect my application to stellar network. But when I startEthereum on Bifrost, I receive a network failed error.

Here's my code:

var params = {
            network: 'test',
            horizonURL: '',
            bifrostURL: '',
            assetCode: 'TOKE',
            price: '1',
            preSaleMode: false,


    var session = new Bifrost.Session(params);

        session.startEthereum(onEvent).then(params => {
            setStatus("Waiting for a transaction...", 10);

            document.getElementsById("address").innerText = params.address;

            keypair = params.keypair;
            .catch(err => {
                setStatus("Error", 0);

after the line session.startEthereum, the code throws a Network Error.

Here's the configuration on the linux server:

[ethereum] master_public_key = "tpubD6HjUbkrYhZ4YiWwEHKPdFUTcPXZ3f3QXuqbdPVmgwUHvp7tkEmM44toHjXGLrWWdSDaDWM5KgiMkCQu7jJRamThZNztFOn8c5SHePyngGQ"
rpc_server = "https://geth.ethereum.org" 
network_id = "3" 
minimum_value_eth = "0.1"

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AFter days of research, i discovered that i had to download and install geth on my server then run it as rpc using geth --rpc. this downloaded ethereum blockchain. in the configuration file on the bifrostserver, i changed the field rpc_server to the url of my geth and that was all.

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