I have a server set up with a node to read from the blockchain, so I don't have to run my node on my computer all the time. Sometimes the node gets stuck and I reset the blockchain with

./parity/target/release/parity -light db kill

now It gets stuck all the time and I have to delete the blockchain over and over again because the node gets stuck at block 2.4M-2.6M and stops syncing.

    currentBlock: 2681433,
    highestBlock: 4801999,
    startingBlock: 0,
    warpChunksAmount: null,
    warpChunksProcessed: null

what can I do to resync the blockchain (with warp this should not take longer than a few hours...)


I had a same problem. Upgrade to latest Parity (1.7.11) solved it. They upgrade wrap nodes.

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