Assuming that there are multiple parties on the private blockchain, few general questions on the private blockchain usage:

  1. Can Personally identifiable information (PII) data be stored on blockchain? does it fall under good architecture?

  2. Lets say Party A (Entity) created a some data for one of its user U1 on the block chain. Around a week later, Party B just want to check if there exists anything on that blockchain for the same user U1 on the blockchain. Can Party B query on the blockchain on whether any Party created entry for U1?

My understanding is that no one else can read/verify anything on the blockchain for the entry that was created by another Party. Is that correct? If so, if I have the need to do the lookup on the blockchain, how can Party B do the lookup.

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Assuming that you're talking about Ethereum Blockchain.

  1. PII can be stored in the Blockchain as metadata. Or you can use some third party decentralised file storage solutions like IPFS till the Swarm is mature enough to be used in Dapps.
  2. Yes, they can view data and verify it. It is there in the Blockchain by design.

Swarm: the ethereum decentralized storage protocol

Anyone who participate in a private/public Blockchain can view all the data. In a Blockchain all the data are stored as transactions, you can associate metadata to that transactions to do whatever you want to do with the data.

Or even we can write some script to read the data from the Blockchain directly.

Take a look at

  1. Ethreum RPC
  2. Web3js
  3. Swarm
  4. IPFS

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