We have installed truffle to two nodes and we initialize our private blockchain with: $geth --datadir node init genesis.json

Then we run geth on both nodes with: $geth --datadir node --nodiscover -rpc --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal,web3" console

We are using same genesis.json files.

After that, we migrate contract on both nodes, and we are using:

ContractName.deployed() var contract = ContractName.at('address')

Then in the two nodes we run function like that:


However, after a node run the contract, other node don't run on the same contract, I mean, if we want to show the values added to an array, every node shows it's own array, not a single one.

Are we running contracts in two nodes in a wrong way?

Edit: Solved the problem. We have migrated smart contract on a single node, then in all nodes, we simply created a contract instance with

var contract = ContractName.at('address')

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As you say it works when you deploy in a node and access the contracts from other nodes using ContractName.at(address).

An alternative is to copy those artifact files generated by truffle in the build/ directory to the other nodes. The you can reference the contracts with ContractName.deployed().

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