By default truffle uses testrpc / truffle develop which has a list of predefined addresses:

Truffle Develop started at http://localhost:9545/

(0) 0x627306090abab3a6e1400e9345bc60c78a8bef57
(1) 0xf17f52151ebef6c7334fad080c5704d77216b732
(2) 0xc5fdf4076b8f3a5357c5e395ab970b5b54098fef
(3) 0x821aea9a577a9b44299b9c15c88cf3087f3b5544
(4) 0x0d1d4e623d10f9fba5db95830f7d3839406c6af2
(5) 0x2932b7a2355d6fecc4b5c0b6bd44cc31df247a2e
(6) 0x2191ef87e392377ec08e7c08eb105ef5448eced5
(7) 0x0f4f2ac550a1b4e2280d04c21cea7ebd822934b5
(8) 0x6330a553fc93768f612722bb8c2ec78ac90b3bbc
(9) 0x5aeda56215b167893e80b4fe645ba6d5bab767de

How can I overwrite or add addresses ?


You can use cli option --account='***'

Specify --account=... any number of times passing arbitrary private keys and their associated balances to generate initial addresses:


testrpc -l 6000000 --account=\"0xb70f3dfa1a8b7d3f1e4e64f1bfb6f765acb87e89f455eb19240a8005415c984e,1000000000000000000000\" --unlock \"0x32e0eee34b6a76ffed8d17ed7d365f779f3da3e3\" 
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  • Should I run this everytime? And how to include this in truffle test? – Stef Heyenrath Dec 26 '17 at 11:26
  • I use the package.json scripts, define once and run by npm. – Зелёный Dec 26 '17 at 11:28
  • Sorry, I'm not able to get this working. Can you post a complete package.json file? – Stef Heyenrath Dec 26 '17 at 12:16
  • Here is an example of my package.json gist.github.com/fishbullet/51474dff2c1b3114d2fef0b5e5b13f28 – Зелёный Dec 26 '17 at 12:26
  • I see. However I don't want to install testrpc globally, but just for my project. Is this possible? And what would be the command ? – Stef Heyenrath Dec 26 '17 at 12:33

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