When I convert a variable using the functions toNumber() or toString() I obtain this result: x.toNumber()


But I want to see the entire number with all the figures. Because If I don´t convert the number, the big number format it´s something like this:

BigNumber { s: 1, e: 26, c: [ 9999999500000 ] }

Try this. I'm assuming you're fetching a response from a contract.

var theNumber;
.then(function(response) {
  theNumber = response;

You can lower the magnitude with fromWei(theNumber, 'unit'). Something like

var shift18;
  shift18 = fromWei(theNumber, 'ether'); // (18 decimals)

Hope it helps.


Try this:

var value = new BigNumber(resultis.args._amount);

//converting the bignumber from wei to ether, 18 decimal, replace trailing zero

var value = (web3.fromWei(value, "ether").toFixed(18)).replace(/^0+(\d)|(\d)0+$/gm, '$1$2');

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