I am thinking/trying to create payment system. Just to learn more about crypto. I would like to generate public and private key. And send(broadcast) payment into the eth network using python. How should I do it? Btw. Thanks for any help and info.

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There's a few tools you can use, here are the links to help you get started:



Main Ethereum Client (geth, can be plugged into via web3py):


I do something similar, but only need to use the Ethereum sparingly. so instead of learning these subpar python tools for interacting with the network, I just use javascript and then submit my javascript file in python with arguments passed.

Here's the basic program to call my 'Details.js' file in python:

from Naked.toolshed.shell import execute_js

def ex(file_path, arguments=""):
        if len(arguments) > 0:
            js_command = file_path + " " + arguments
            js_command = file_path
        return execute_js(js_command) # return result of execute() of node.js file
    except Exception as e:
        if DEBUG_FLAG:
             sys.stderr.write("Naked Framework Error: unable to run the shell command with the run_js() function (Naked.toolshed.shell.py).")
        raise e 

I like this way much better since its easier to find javascript examples of how to send Ether transactions.

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