I am fairly new to solidity programming and using the Remix IDE to run and compile my Smart Contracts.For some reason whenever I open remix.ethereum.org website on Firefox the browser crashes. Currently using it in IE. This is the simple code i am trying to run.

pragma solidity ^0.4.0;
contract sample{

    string name;
    uint age;

    function setName(string newName) {

    function getName()returns (string) {
        return name;

But after clicking on Create button under the Run tab I dont see any textbox to enter Name or getName. creation of sample pending... This is the message i get on the console. enter image description here


The code works fine for me. Try it in Google Chrome.


If you have this problem using a Google Chrome browser...

Open a new browser tab, then open remix.ethereum.org


Seems like a browser issue. Please check the details by clicking the button in the console, there should be a contractAddress if succesfully created. try copy-pasting that into "Load contract from address" and click at address.

I use both chrome and firefox with remix (chrome on windows, firefox on ubuntu) and never had any issues. Try clearing browser cache and the like or try updating browser.


I´m also fairly new to Solidity. I tried the previous steps (changing browser, loading contract) but none of them worked.

I only found that even though the transaction says it´s pending, if you check the details you would see the information correctly. I´m assuming the contract is working.

enter image description here


Try using a lower version of the compiler, it works.

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