I want read transations data "input" field from ethereum to file.How can i do it?thanks.


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You can do that by creating a node script and using web3.js in it. Create an instance of the contract and using that instance use call the get methods. Then write that data to the database or make/open a file and write it there. Hope it helps. :)


Given a transaction hash, you can call eth_getTransactionByHash on any node. Here's an example of getting the input from a transaction via Etherscan's proxy API:

$ http get 'https://api.etherscan.io/api?module=proxy&action=eth_getTransactionByHash&txhash=0x71027a0605ac52827e3a13700898cc54cb6a69e320dca637a82ada30497c45be&apikey=YourApiKeyToken' | jq -r .result.input 0x0a3b0a4f000000000000000000000000d485137c45a968e7fee9249485ff07493c574d71

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