Can you provide names of Big Data or IoT projects (other than Slock.it) currently running on Ethereum?

I'm especially interested in how Big Data could use it or whether a combination of IPFS and Ethereum could disintermediate this industry.

  • Your question could be answered by an entire book, or has many valid answers, it's too broad for our Q&A format. If you have more specific questions, edit your post or ask a new question. Please, also refer to the help center if you have any questions. – Afr Apr 28 '16 at 9:48
  • Is it really that broad? I think it's very simple. I'm just looking for the name of any big data projects running on Ethereum. How about the "the top three big data projects on Ethereum"? – Physes May 6 '16 at 15:32
  • I also want to know that :( – Mindful Feb 22 '18 at 4:48

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