Im trying to startup my testrpc with the mnemonic "-m" flag while also preloading a specific account with custom ETH amount.

This is the command I tried, but no luck. It starts up and preloads the account fine, it just does not have the accounts from the mnemonic.

testrpc -m 'help maple me bake pudding cream honey rich smooth crumble sweet treat' --account='0xxxxxxxxx00xxxxxxx000xxxx,100000000000000000000'

Is this possible?

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The mnemonic is used for re-generating the same set random account addresses.

But since you are specifically entering a private key with your --account tag, then it is only creating that specific account/address.

These two tags (-m and --account) are conflicting.

If you want to generate several accounts with the same private keys and addresses, you can repeat the --account='' tag multiple times for as many accounts as you want. In which case, then you wouldn't need the mnemonic -m part.

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