I read that geth v1.4.0 had a complete overhaul related to the JSON-RPC protocol. Now that v1.4.0 is nearly a stable release, I am curious to find out if any of these latest revisions have been documented anywhere yet for developers to use in their applications?

I have resumed building an app which I started last summer (devoting to it full time 5 days per week starting May 2nd until a stable release), which relies almost completely on the geth JSON-RPC protocol...so I'm keen to understanding the latest / greatest features fully as soon as possible.

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We've indeed given our RPC interface a massive overhaul, however the parts which have seen significant changes are internal ones. The actual JSON-RPC specification itself has not changed at all (i.e. web3's interface). We (go-ethereum) do not alone drive the specification for web3 and we require consensus between implementations (e.g. C++, Python, Java, Rust).

However our own RPC interface, which isn't included in web3, did change. We've removed and added functionality and cleaned up the mess that was included in some of the namespaces. At the moment geth supports the following transport layers:

  • HTTP
  • IPC (unix domain socket, Win named pipe)
  • IPC (in memory)
  • WS

In addition to changing and cleaning up the namespaces we've fully documented the go-ethereum RPC and added JavaScript examples where appropriate. All methods are available by default over IPC and can be turned on for HTTP using the --rpcapi CLI flag.

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