Being new to the mining games, I set up a 5 x RX 580 Rig. WhatToMine predicts that this setup make 151 Mh/s and $15.41 per day.

Very promising, isn't it?

Alas, the reality is not so rosy.

When I started to mine in nanopool.org using Claymore miner, I got 90 Mh/s and the estimate of revenue was just $1.7 per day, which definitely does not worth mining at all, so I‌ stopped after an hour or so.

If the estimate was %50 less, I‌ could understand, because my hash rate is %50 less than what WTM predicts.

But I'm wondering why there is such discrepancy in terms of revue estimates by WhatToMine? And which estimate is closer to reality?‌ WhatToMine or nanopool.org?

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I have 5 cards running,

Rx 480 R9 290x x3 380x

I get roughly 100-120mhs and the $ value fluctuates. When I first stared mining when ETH < $10 I was getting roughly 1eth per day then as difficulty raised over the year its now every 3-4 days before I get 0.01 payout. Last payout was for $82 divided by 4 is about $20. For a while it was barely breaking even but I continued to mine and as the price increased it worked out alright.

I was about to go turn them off only the price shot up to $800 so I left them mining.

The Pools can only share what reward they get, if a pool is not winning enough blockcs then your contribution to that pool with only 5 GPUs is really small. Small pool reward + small mining contribution = small $ value.

I have used DwarfPool for over 1yr & 1/2. In addition to the reward from the pool they also take a fee.

My mining experience over the past year and a half has been positive. It has pulled me out of a few holes.

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