I am trying to solo-mine. I am using geth and ethminer on windows.

I recently added ether-proxy so that I can see progress.

However, ether-proxy now thinks that I am part of a pool and its forcing me to set a difficulty. I am guessing it is asking what difficulty do I want to solve. Since shares do not matter to solo mining, does anyone know what difficulty I should set in Ether-Proxy so that my node tries to solve a full block? There is zero documentation. According to the author, the fields are self-described.

To make matters more confusing, Ether-proxy is also reporting that the network difficulty is Difficulty: 79,764,482,404,251

Since ether-proxy is forcing me to enter a difficulty, I put it in 500. Which its reporting as 50000000000.

2017/12/18 13:36:55 Valid share at height 2427590/2427590 from [email protected] at difficulty 50000000000

My question is, does anyone know what difficulty do I need to set so that my node tries to resolve the entire block and not just a share?


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From my knowledge eth-proxy is only used for mining against a mining pool using Stratum proxy. I use it to point to DwarfPool as my 6 GPUS would not mine anything on their own solo.

If you are solo mining and not using a pool just download geth and let it sync then run ethminer. I did a walkthrough of Mining ethereum on AWS GPU's the same steps should be relevant for you. Take a look and see does it help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUQ9UW6f5Dg&t=1s

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