In blockchain there are some miners who calculate hash and get reward but my question is who are the miners or how can I be a miner (assume). If there are then I can be connected to a miner?

I am very new in learning blockchain. This may be a very silly/irrelevant question but my curious mind wants to know.

  • You probably mean miner – Jesse Busman Dec 17 '17 at 11:59

Basically, miner is a someone who investing computation power to generate shares and help finding blocks. To became miner, you need to get a good hardware then connect to the pool using miner program.


In blockchain to solve byzantium problem consensus mechanism is done by proof of work where miner nodes waste some computational power of their CPU/GPU to calculate valid hash and hence confirm the block/transaction. Miner can be one with his/her laptop/CPU installed with ethereum client and registered as Miner node.

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