Quite simply, what are GavCoins and what is their significance?


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GavCoin is a sample smart contract implementation of a token in the very early days of the Ethereum blockchain. It's significance is that token is implemented in LLL developed about 2 years ago.

(In my opinion, LLL was too hard to work with. Just use the new Solidity programming language - you can find examples at Where can I find some Solidity / Smart Contract source code examples?).

From Ether Fund - Currency GavCoin, GavCoin is a:

Simple currency contract in LLL, aka GavCoin, by Gavin Wood.

And LLL is:


Lisp Like Language (LLL) is a low level language similar to Assembly. It is meant to be very simple and minimalistic; essentially just a tiny wrapper over coding in EVM directly.

More information on LLL can be found at LLL PoC 6.


GavCoin was an example coin contract created by Gavin Wood. It serves as a:

  • Demonstration of how to create an independent token using Ethereum
  • Joke

Here is pretty good example of GavCoin with source attached and internal state full analysis


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