What does it means:

cache=128 handles=1024

how to change those values?


Just to add to Ismael's answer, even if you were to increase the number of per-process file handles in the OS itself, you'd still be max'd out at 1024.

From flags.go:

// makeDatabaseHandles raises out the number of allowed file handles per process
// for Geth and returns half of the allowance to assign to the database.
func makeDatabaseHandles() int {
    if err := raiseFdLimit(2048); err != nil {
        Fatalf("Failed to raise file descriptor allowance: %v", err)
    limit, err := getFdLimit()
    if err != nil {
        Fatalf("Failed to retrieve file descriptor allowance: %v", err)
    if limit > 2048 { // cap database file descriptors even if more is available
        limit = 2048
    return limit / 2 // Leave half for networking and other stuff

To reduce them, you'd have to fiddle about with your OS limits, as per this answer. (Though it assumes you're on Linux.)


From geth --help

--cache value Megabytes of memory allocated to internal caching (min 16MB / database forced) (default: 128)

I see no parameter how to modify handles.

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